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Artists 125
AA (Additional Artist) Adams, Alonzo All That Jazz/Art Impressions Allen, Dorothy Alva Armstrong, Anthony Ashkar, Tim
B. Curtiss Grayson, III Bailey, Michael Baker lll, John Barnes, Nathaniel Baseball Calendar Bassett, Robert D. Bayoc, Cbabi Beal, LaShun
Bearden, Romare Bibbs, Charles Black Art Books Blackshear, Thomas Boldon, Gigi Brown, Larry Poncho Brown, Michael Bua, Justin
Campbell, Leroy Card, Meisha Case, Arlene Chapman, Garner Christmas cards Claybrooks, Jimi Cooper, Laurie Crichlow, Ernest
Cummings, Michael A. Davis, Christopher Davis, Roosevelt Debra E Harris Delsarte, Louis Denmark, James Dickerson, Rene Ellis, Ted T
Evans, Maurice Faust, Clifford Fennell, Albert Fennell, Albert Fredericks Tod Freeman, Leonard Fungcap, Essud Gamboa, Consuelo
Gatewood, Kenneth Gatewood-Waddell Glass, Selma Goodnight, Paul Green, Jonathan Greenlee, Felicia Griffin, Dexter Griffin, Marion
Guest, Chaz Hester, Alvin Holston, Joseph Holyfield, John Honeywood, Varnette Hoyes, Bernard Humphrey, Kennith Hunt, George
Ivey, Gerald Jackson, Earl James, Synthia Saint Johnson, Jerome Johnson, Yusef Bell Jones, Kerream Joslin, Ken Joysmith, Brenda
Kenji Kern, Lester Laurenceau, Lyonel Lawrence, Jacob Lee, Annie Lester, Edwin Lynn, Terry and Jerry/Twins Maasai (Stacy Bayne)
Mallett, Keith Mallett, Keith (etchings) Mavruk, Hulis McCall, Derrick Morrison, Frank Motley. Archibald Muhammad, Marcella Najee Dorsey
Nelson , Kadir Okaybabs Our Song (Brenda Joysmith) Palmer, Charly Porter, Henry C. Powell, Karen Razaq Reed, Aaron
Reese, Della Rigaud, Harold Ringgold, Faith Ross, Lavarne Saint James, Synthia Shedrick, Deborah Small, Jared Tanner, Henry O.
Thompson, Andre Tolliver, William Toms, John Torbert, Willie Tucker, Ezra Upjohn, Buchi Vines, Roederick Wade, Rodney
WAK Walker, Sylvia Ward, Dwight White, Lee Wild, J.D. Williams, Kevin A. (Wak) Williams, T.B. Jackson Wilson, Ellis
Wilson, Kathleen A. Wilson, Terry Wood, Michele Wright, Edward Clay Young, Gilbert
2007,11 calendars Abstract African Male African Men African woman African women
Africans Aluminum Relief American Indian Angels Baby Baskets
black and white Blues Boy Boys Boys/Girls Brother
Brother/Sister Brothers Buffalo Soldiers Cafe Canvas Boxed Car
Card Players Children Chores Christmas items Civil Rights Clocks
Clowns Contemporary cookie jars Copper Relief Cotton Couples
Cowboys Daddy Dancers Domestic Dreaming Etchings
Ethnic Face Family Farm Father/child Father/daughter
Father/son Figurative Fishing Flowers Framed art Friends
Fruit Gambling Games Garden Gift series Girl
Girls Gossiping Grandparent greek Group Group/Cotton
Hair Hair/Salon Harlem Harvest Hats Heritage
Highway History Holiday (Family) Horses Houses Indian
iPhone case items with bonus Jazz keepsake boxes Kitchen Lady
Lady with Torch Landscape Law/Gov Learning Lovers Mama
Man Man/child Man/Sea market Marketplace Marriage
Mask Medical Memorial Memphis Series Men Michael Jackson
Modern Mother Mother/Child Mother/children Mother/daughter mugs
Music Night Life NONE notecards nude Obama
Old Man Originals Palm Trees Parade Party Peace
Pets Piano plaques plates Ponchos Pool hall
Portfolio Power puzzles Quilt Art Religious Romance
Running School Seascape Seasons Servants Ship
Shoes Shopping Sistas Sister Sisters Slavery
Soldiers Spiritual Sport Sports Statement Still Life
Street Scene Tapestry Tea Pots tiles Umbrella Urban
Walking Wedding Western Woman Woman/bird Woman/cat
Woman/children Woman/cotton woman/fan Woman/flowers Woman/Fruit Woman/mask
Woman/tea Woman/vase Women Women/flowers Women/fruit Working
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Art Collecting Pointers
Basic Approaches to Collecting Art

There are two basic approaches to collecting art:
One, with your eyes--relying on your own instincts and judgment, and two, with your ears-- relying on the advice of a few carefully selected dealers. Either approach is a legitimate one. Most successful collectors employ a combination of the two. The Best collector is an informed collector. Throughout a collector's career, reading and constantly looking at art is essential in building an exceptional collection. Most people feel more comfortable going slowly at first.

Spend time learning about art.
Familiarize yourself with art terms, media and techniques.

(From an article in Comprehensive Guide To African American Art: Getting Started by Halima Taha)

Collecting Tips
by Bob Homes

In collecting African American Art, I generally look for works that document particular movements of trends in art or that document different historical periods. This selection leads to a varied collection that includes both race and race less art.

To exhibit one or two pieces does not begin to tell a story. But a story or movement begins to evolve when scores or hundreds of works are exhibited. Art, after all, is visual literature and oftentimes speaks more powerfully and with greater clarity and articulation than the best drama.

While the circumstance (of being under-recognized) is unfortunate, perhaps for the black artist, the logical result of it all is that true genius is being overlooked and is available for purchase if you but only follow your own drummer, trust your confidence and are willing to put your money on the line.

(From an article in Black Arts Quarterly,v.1,n.1)

Good collections take time

Buy art that you like and within your means. When starting with limited funds, buy contemporary artists that are now releasing new works. You may collect tomorrow's masters.

Remarques, Artist Proofs, Printers Proofs and Limited Edition pieces will appreciate in value more than open edition pieces.

The market and the going prices for art are dictated by supply and demand. The fewer the number of high demand pieces the more the appreciation.

For more expensive pieces, most galleries offer installment payment plans. This allows you to lock in the price while it is still affordable.

Gain knowledge about the demand and prices for the art you collect by visiting galleries and checking the local newspapers for art auctions particularly African-American art auctions.

Enjoy your art!......Enjoying your collection is what ART is all about!

Here is a book on:
Collecting African American Art : Works on Paper and Canvas Halima Taha